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Increase meeting usability by designing for Zoom

Two years ago, where and how we work changed drastically due to COVID-19. Businesses were forced to either adapt to the changing environment or close their doors for good… and the ones who chose to adapt were having to learn new technology and how to navigate remote work at unprecedented speeds, which essentially meant crossing…

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How I Landed My “Dream Job”

Being young and extremely career driven, I honestly didn’t expect to stay at the University of Georgia for more than a few years. Five years later, here I am. Not only did I love my job and the organization I worked for (mainly because I truly believed in their mission), but I also love The…

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Don’t Get Left Waze Behind in Marketing

As a small business, you have to keep up with currently marketing trends to keep your business competitive. And like most businesses, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your business. 

With all of the marketing opportunities available, it can be a challenge to weed out the bad opportunities from the good… especially those that show an ROI (return on investment). So, to add another advertising opportunity into the mix… and one you may or may not have thought about… let’s talk about Waze.

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Making Facebook Ads Work for Vets

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it 1,000 times… social media advertising is important for small business marketing success… especially for veterinary medicine. If your target market is human (or humans with furbabies), Facebook should no doubt be your platform of choice.

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If You’re Going to Share on Social Media…

If you’re going to share posts on social media platforms, you should always fact check the source. (7 minute read) In the era of “Fake News,” a ridiculous amount of spam now floats around social media. Fake News is often thought of as being created by the mainstream media, but in reality, social media is…

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The Coin (Part 2)

So now we talk about part two. (And if you are reading this part first… don’t. CLICK HERE to read the first part of this blog post.) As you recall from the last few paragraphs of the part one, I discovered that a brand new Masters of Emerging Media program was added to UGA’s graduate…

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Once a Dawg, Always a Dawg (Part 1)

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a few weeks now. This morning, during my usual “wake up social media checking” routine (you know, because I’m a millennial and all), I ran across a video that I had shared a year ago. After watching the video, I knew that today was the day that…

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