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A Creative Marketer \ Branding and Design Obsessed \ Social Media Junkie \ Addicted to UX & UI Design

I consider myself to be a rare find as a marketer. Unlike many marketers, I am both right brained and left brained. I am both a strategic and creative thinker and am always five steps ahead. With being a strategic and creative thinker, my passion and skills sets in graphic designwebsite developmentuser experience, and digital marketing (both social media and email marketing) are greatly enhanced due to my ability to think about projects in a very diverse and well-rounded perspective. In addition to my hard skills, my self-starting, culture-creating, and goal-driven attitude makes me a desirable addition to any company looking for growth.

I’m a creative marketer. I not only understand the “business world” and core business theory, but I also understand both the creative world and important design principles one must follow, in addition to understanding the technical world such as web development, database management, and analytic reporting, which makes me a valuable team member to any company as I can serve as a medium for a variety of departments and help those departments work together more effectively.

Although I possess many desirable skills, UX design is probably a skill that most companies don’t realize they need and an area that I’m naturally talented in. As both a designer and a marketer, in addition to being a strategic and creative thinker, every project that I’m connected to will be both well-designed and easy to use.

As you can see, I’m a jack of all trades with confidence in many different areas. Some see a jack of all trades as an expert in none, but I like to think of myself as a utility player… I can do it all. If you want a well-rounded marketer and someone who thinks outside-of-the-box (so cliche, I know), applies creative strategy to all areas of their marketing, and can help various teams within an organization understand how everything functions TOGETHER… I’m your gal.




Think back… when is the last time you really enjoyed visiting a website (and not because of the content) and had seamless navigation and page flow? Can’t think of one? That’s UX. People won’t remember good UX, but they ALWAYS remember bad UX. In this instance, I want to be unmemorable.



It’s a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by beautifully designed and readable content. Whether it’s print or digital, I design cool stuff that people just can’t help but to look at. Essentially, I make things pretty. 



Social media? What can be hard about that? Everyone has a Facebook! But, does everyone know that when you run a business Facebook page, there are specific words you can’t use in your post or Facebook will reduce your reach by 1%? Doubtful. I know all of the social tricks.



Because I have a business mind, as well as a creative mind, targeting an audience, creating a strategic marketing plan, and then watching the results is just as much fun as putting together a puzzle to me.

Fun Fact

I was ranked #15 overall as a JUCO player as a freshman.

I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.

Caramel Macchiatos are my first love.

I can’t make it through the day without music.

the rundown


Nov. 2018 – May 2019

Director of Creative Marketing

University System of Georgia Institution

At this major university, I worked for a united within an educational extension program under Public Service and Outreach. I assist with the direction of the organization’s marketing efforts, brand management, innovation, and user experience. In addition, I help guide the organizational messaging to both internal and external audiences, and work with faculty and professional staff in determining and meeting their needs for communicating with clients, prospects, stakeholders and partners.

I indirectly lead a group of Program Coordinators in marketing efforts and ensure that efforts comply with university and organization branding standards (which I helped develop, expand scope of, and implement statewide). I also support the group of Program Coordinators’ marketing efforts by providing event templates built in Adobe InDesign, digital campaign strategy, advertising assistance, and a yearly professional development conference (which I develop, manage, and facilitate).

In addition, I manage both print and digital marketing initiatives at a statewide level for the organization, which includes the organization website and user experience, as well as the yearly production of the “Small Business and Its Impact on Georgia” publication. In 2018, this publication won a Gold Hermes Creative Award in two different categories, a Bronze Stevie International Business Award in 2018, and a Bronze LACP Vision Award.

Aug. 2018 – Nov. 2018

Marketing Consultant

Stadion Money Management

At Stadion, I helped implement new inbound marketing strategies, identified solutions for marketing budget savings, developed a social media implementation plan, in addition to provided a new approach to website usability, a wireframe, and other additions to help development and redesign their new website.

Nov. 2014 – Aug. 2018

Marketing Manager

University System of Georgia Institution

I currently work for an educational extension program of a University System of Georgia institution that is part of a pubic service and outreach mission. In this role, I manage the development, implementation, and assessment of marketing activities. I assists with management of both print and digital marketing initiatives, brand reputation and consistency, and the flow of organizational messaging to both internal and external audiences. I also manage and maintain the statewide website and UX. In addition, I work with faculty and professional staff in determining and meeting their requirements for communicating with clients, prospects, stakeholders and partners.

Re-designing the organization’s website was a primary duty when hired, as well as assisting  with writing and oversaw implementation of a complete branding and marketing standards compliance plan. I also have provided design models to use with as well as provide a steady stream of content options for the 17 office locations (in addition two 2 special initiative offices) to use throughout their social media channels.

I also led the design efforts and content for a new innovative statewide publication, which is produced yearly and distributed throughout several economic development and community business support channels. This publication won a Gold Hermes Creative Award in 2018 in two different categories, a Bronze Stevie International Business Award in 2018, and a Bronze LACP Vision Award in 2018.

Mar. 2011 – Present

Creative Director

Blu Mountain Expressions

Blu Mountain Expressions is an inherently inquisitive bunch, invigorated by ideas and provoked by possibility. Marketing and graphic design is what they do. BME serves businesses throughout the Greater Atlanta/North Georgia area. Their seasoned professionals create modern, creative, high-impact designs for a wide variety of clients that range from small business, start-ups, and non-profits.

As Creative Director I manage day to day operations including invoicing, accounting, marketing, website development, client relations, and more. Furthermore, I also have a client list that I manage and create projects for ranging in a wide variety of marketing and design areas. My primary duty is marketing/design consulting for small businesses to help get their business off the ground and/or provide tools/resources and a strategy for a small business to grow as the digital world demands.

Jun. 2016 – Present

Freelance Designer

GO Sports Unlimited

At GO Kickball, I assist in the creation of social media images, t-shirt designs, logos, and help bring creative business initiatives to life via design.

Sept. 2012 – Nov. 2014

Marketing Coordinator

Harry Norman, REALTORS

While working at Harry Norman, REALTORS® as a Marketing Coordinator, I maintained and enhanced 65+ luxury real estate agents’ marketing, public relations, branding, and digital efforts. I assisted the agents with the design and innovative marketing materials that varied from print, to advertising and digital. I also managed the Forsyth/Lake Lanier Office’s social media presences and was responsible for their website develoment, optimization, and visibility. I led several monthly hands-on training workshops to help the agents better understand modern marketing tactics, social media, message crafting, in addition to learning and then training the agents how to use their HNR provided resources to enhance their listings.

While at the Forsyth/Lake Lanier Office, I increased their social followers by over 1,200% within a 2-year time frame, as well as increased their audience reach from by 4,000%. I also spear-headed, designed, and developed a monthly digital magazine, HNR’s Real Estate Guide, which was published both in digital and print format. The publication averaged 17,250 print distribution and 2,000+ online monthly views. I also led the coordination of many charity events such as two Red Cross Blood Drives, a Community-Wide “Yardsale,” a Chili Cook-Off, and 2 Benefit Horse Shows. All net proceeds of these events were donated to community non-profit organizations.

Oct. 2010 – Jun. 2012

Web/Graphic Design Assistant

Augusta University

I managed the majority of graphic design requests for the university that came through the Office of Public Relations. These requested required me to work within tight deadlines, complete the projects with accuracy and representation of the AU brand, in addition to meeting and communicating with clients and providing design solutions to meet their needs. I worked on a variety of projects ranging from brochures, campus maps, campus banners, redesigning department webpages, redesigning the ASU homepage and assisted with usability design, campus newspaper masthead, and assisted with general user experience  insight and content writing.

May 2006 – Jan. 2009

Graphic Designer

Xtrem Printgraphics

I managed my own case load for screen print and embroidery projects. I reviewed design requests, met with clients, and completed the projects to meet the clients’ needs. I also helped manage inventory in the showroom and coordinate marketing initiatives to increase business efficiency and awareness.



M.A. Mass Communications (Emerging Media)

University of Georgia

The Emerging Media Master’s Program is designed to help graduate students understanding the use emerging media and how new technology fits into business. The program also teaches user experience, content development, project management graphic design, website development, social media listening and analytics, and ways to strategically managing emerging media to further career goals.


B.A. Communications (Public Relations | Art)

Augusta University

Served as Vice President of Lambda Alliance for ten months, and as President for two months. Serve as a Media Chair for a local club rugby team, Augusta Furies.

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My Skills

UX Design

Email Marketing

Graphic Design

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Front-End Website Development


Project Management

Branding & Identity


Sea Stachura

Communications & Social Media Strategist at MOSAIC Technologies Group

Ashley’s graphic design skills capture what audiences of varying ages, needs and purposes are looking for: grabbing attention when needed or servicing the content when that’s more appropriate. I turn to Ashley on a regular basis for assistance in graphic and web design (WordPress, SEO, site optimization), and she is always available. She goes above and beyond, commits only to what she is able to and consistently delivers. Ashley is funny, ambitious and hard working. My former student is as much a resource to me as I am to her. That is her own doing.

Patsy Alston

VP of Communications and Operations at JLL

Ashley is not only skilled in the area of design but she has a good working knowledge and understanding of what a brand is and how it should work. She is detail oriented, quick to learn and has exactly the right attitude for supporting company growth. On top of all this, she also understands technology. I was thrilled to have her on our team!

David R. Sanders


Ashley is a quick and creative marketing expert skilled in graphic and web design and has a strong understanding of social media. An often overheard quote regarding her abilities as a Marketing Coordinator is “Ashley can do more in one day than XYZ did in a week.

Tunisia Williams

Director, University Relations at Augusta State University

Ashley has been an asset to our office. Her skills and abilities in updating departmental webpages and creating posters and flyers for campus events are outstanding. Ashley is a very talented young lady.

Laura Garner

Owner, Augusta Medical Billing

Ashley with Blu Mountain Expressions is a professional, personable and very talented graphic designer with a wide array of skills and products. Ashley’s work speaks for itself and she it timely as well as above average in talent and creativity. I would recommend Ashley for any graphic design project and feel confident that anyone would be more than satisfied with her results.


Facebook Advertising Consultant

Atlanta Cyber Summit Campaign


Digital Analytics Dashboard

Johnson Wedding Package

Karlsen Wedding Package

GLOBES Invitation

State of Small Business

Women in Craft Beer Website

Sip 'N Snack App

Sip ‘N Snack App

Grady Newsource UX Study

Athens Graphic Designer

Luxury Real Estate Brochure

Harry Norman, REALTORS Ads

Angela Stewart DeLorme, Attorney at Law Website

The Real Estate Guide

US Cycling Logo

hire me

Ayyyyyyy, it’s true! I AM for hire… as a freelancer! I work primarily with small businesses assisting with website development, branding and identity, as well as general social media and digital marketing consulting. However, I also have worked with several large companies to create event logos, marketing collateral, and other design projects. Depending on the type of project you’re looking to collaborate on and a few other factors (if you’re a current or past client of the UGA SBDC, I unfortunately cannot work with you), we could make a great team!

Regardless of the project type, the quality of work my team and I produce is THE most important part of my business. Nothing leaves my desktop without a thumbs up. Let’s connect and discuss whether or not my team and I are the right fit for your marketing/design needs.

Branding & Identity

You know who you are, but telling the world what you’re all about isn’t always so easy. My team and I can help establish and build your brand based upon your company values and vision. We will help transform your mission into visual works and ensure your message is clear and consistent across all your materials.

Website Development

In today’s world, if you don’t have a web presence, you’re in serious trouble. At minimum, you should have a website… and a responsive one at that. Don’t know what responsive means? Then you REALLY need us to help you out. From design to development, my team and I can help you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Consulting

We are millennials. Let us show you a thing or two about social media and how to effectively market your company digitally. DYK: Using certain words in Facebook posts can result in a reduced audience reach? Most people don’t! Let us help you develop a digital marketing plan that will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Event Promotion

Have an event you’re trying to promote? My team and I can help you determine the target audience and how to reach them effectively, then help you put the plan in action!








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