Creative thought, WordPress extraordinaire, branding expert, business card guru, and an advertising and marketing mastermind.

I consider myself to be a rare find as a marketing expert. I not only have training in targeting an audience and engaging their interest, but I also have experience in marketing, graphic design, website design and management, social media marketing, web analytics, and other professional qualities. I strongly believe that my self starting and goal driven attitude makes me a desirable candidate for any company looking for growth.

Unlike most marketing professionals, I understand both the marketing world, as well as the technical world. I am a great mediator between both marketing and technology departments and often help both departments communication their language to the other side and help translate concepts into functional designs for both sides. Along with understanding both marketing and technology lingo, I have a raw talent for design and have experience in the graphic design industry as well.

I can engage target audiences, understand and translate analytics, develop, design, and create websites, design and produce marketing materials, and more. I’m a three for one package.



I have over six years of experience in the marketing industry and am currently employed by The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center as a Marketing Manager. I help manage the development, implementation, and assessment of marketing activities. Some of my responsibilities include…


I earned my Bachelor of Arts of Communications degree from Augusta University. My concentration was in Public Relations and a minor in Graphic Design. Currently, I am enrolled as a Masters student at The University of Georgia’s pursuing a Master of Mass Communication in Emerging Media degree.


For eight years I have designed logos, websites, helped businesses establish their brand and identity, assisted companies with advertisement placement and design, and have excelled in the digital marketing field helping many clients along the way. My designs are…