about me

Born to be a Marketer \ Branding and Design Obsessed \ Social Media Junkie \ Addicted to UX

I consider myself to be a rare find as a marketing expert. Unlike many marketers, I am both right brained and left brained. I am a strategic thinker and am always five steps ahead, but I also am a rockstar in graphic designwebsite design and user experiencesocial media marketingtranslating performance metrics, and other professional qualities. I strongly believe that my self starting, culture creating, and goal driven attitude makes me a desirable candidate for any company looking for growth.

Unlike most marketing professionals, I understand both the business world, as well as the technical world. I am a great mediator between both marketing and technology departments and often help both departments communicate and help translate concepts into functional designs for both sides. Along with understanding both marketing and technology lingo, I have a raw talent for design and have experience in the graphic design industry as well.

Although I possess many desirable skills, UX design is probably a skill that most companies don’t realize they need and a skill that I’m naturally talented in. As both a designer and a marketer, I can’t help but to always think about the user first and foremost.

As you can see, I’m a jack of all trades. Some see a jack of all trades as an expert in none, but I like to think of myself as a utility player… I can do it all. So, if you want a well rounded marketer who can provide insight in many different areas and be able to understand how everything functions TOGETHER… well, I’m your gal.




Think back… when is the last time you really enjoyed visiting a website (and not because of the content) and had seamless navigation and page flow? Can’t think of one? That’s UX. People won’t remember good UX, but they ALWAYS remember bad UX. In this instance, I want to be unmemorable.



It’s a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by beautifully designed and readable content. Whether it’s print or digital, I design cool stuff that people just can’t help but to look at. Essentially, I make things pretty. 



Social media? What can be hard about that? Everyone has a Facebook! But, does everyone know that when you run a business Facebook page, there are specific words you can’t use in your post or Facebook will reduce your reach by 1%? Doubtful. I know all of the social tricks.



Because I have a business mind, as well as a creative mind, targeting an audience, creating a strategic marketing plan, and then watching the results is just as much fun as putting together a puzzle to me.

Fun Fact

I was ranked #15 overall as a JUCO player as a freshman.

I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.

Coffee > Tea.

I can’t make it through the day without music.